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Valpak PlusOne - Postcard Marketing For Staten Island Businesses

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Valpak of Staten Island has partnered with the U.S. Postal Service* to bring small businesses an affordable stand-alone postcard that targets homeowners. Valpak PlusOne is a postcard marketing program for Staten Island businesses and are mailed to the same households as the Blue Envelope. Unlike other mail services, our full-color postcard includes USPS Informed Delivery email marketing with trackable reporting.

Reach Your Target Audience with Coupon Postcard Advertising

Plus One cards from Valpak of Staten Island command attention, drive response and cost up to 30% less than traditional postcard mailers (contact us for complete USD pricing details). From creative design to offer recommendations to postage, everything is included with our PlusOne postcard mail piece. Compare this to Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from the post office, which is much more manual, especially if you’re doing it all yourself!

Enhanced USPS Informed Delivery: Added Value for Mail Products

Valpak PlusOne postcards include an upgraded full-color ad, custom image and URL in USPS Informed Delivery emails, which give consumers a digital preview of their mail and packages. Over 50 million users receive the Informed Delivery email from the USPS every morning, telling them which mail pieces will be arriving in their mailboxes that day.

Valpak PlusOne neighborhoods average around 4,000 Informed Delivery emails per 10,000 households. These emails have a 67.4% open rate and our clients and promotional partners that have added Informed Delivery to their postcard campaigns have seen measurable growth and engagement. Your business can too!

The USPS estimates businesses receive 37% more response from advertising via a second channel. Mail campaigns integrated with digital ads have also shown to increase conversions by up to 20%.

PlusOne Card Reporting – New Product Feature

You can easily evaluate the success of your Valpak PlusOne postcard + email campaign with reporting tools that measure consumer response: QR code scans, calls to your business (call tracking) and Informed Delivery email sends / click-throughs. This client averages 3,635 emails per neighborhood. With an average open rate of 67.4%, that’s 2,450 more impressions per 10,000 households.

PlusOne Direct Mail Campaigns & The Blue Envelope

When you pair this limited-inventory postcard mailing format with a marketing campaign in the Blue Envelope, you:

  • SAVE MONEY on mailing list costs and postage while your message gets delivered to high-quality demographics

  • REDUCE WASTE by only targeting households that meet rigorous demographic criteria and are relevant to your offer (vs. most others that mail every carrier route in a ZIP code)

  • DOUBLE YOUR EXPOSURE with full-color postcards and shared mail ads that give you the ability to promote multiple products and services to the same household

PlusOne Postcard Direct Mail Campaign Success Stories

Thousands of small businesses like landscaping companies and real estate agencies, have used PlusOne postcards to reach their best customers. Here are some of their success stories:

“Our organization does a very large volume of direct mail each year and Valpak has proven superior. We know when postcards are hitting consumer’s home, because the phone starts to ring.” – Kevin M., real estate client

“With Valpak we have seen an increase in new patients at a lower acquisition cost than other direct mail products. The ROI is better with the mailers.” – Jason B., dental client

“We are noticing an increase in calls and they never fail to mention Valpak. Other marketing companies are extremely overpriced and they don’t bring in as much business as Valpak.” – Jose C., landscaping client

If you’re looking to stand out from your competition and increase revenue, Valpak’s targeted PlusOne postcards are the cost-effective solution. Limited inventory, availability is first come, first served. Contact us today to reserve your spot.


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