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How to Choose the Best ValPak Advertising For Your Local Business

New business owners and established small businesses alike can benefit from advertising with Valpak direct marketing. Whether you’re trying to reach a small number of potential customers or spread your message to a large audience, we have a variety of lead generation solutions to fit your unique needs and budget. To get started, ask yourself these 6 questions:

  1. What’s your goal? To get new customers? To increase your average ticket? To drive more sales of XYZ product or service?

  2. What’s your message? What makes your business special? Which products or services are your most popular? Any upcoming events?

  3. Who’s your core customer? Where do they live? What do they like? How much do they spend on what you sell and how often?

  4. How will you track performance? Which performance tools do you currently use? Where are there gaps to fill for accurate measurement?

  5. How will you define success? A high response rate or return on ad spend? New customers or an overall lift in sales? More phone calls?

  6. How much are you willing to spend? The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends 7-8% of gross revenue for small businesses.

How you answer these questions will enable you to choose the best combination of Valpak media.

Valpak Direct Mail Advertising Solutions

The Blue Envelope

The Valpak Blue Envelope is our most popular and affordable direct mail format, where local businesses and national brands share the cost to mail. Millions of business owners have success stories from mailing Valpak coupons to our targeted audience of local households.

Valpak PlusOne™ postcards mail to the same high-value households as our Blue Envelope inserts and include USPS Informed Delivery email marketing/reporting at no additional cost. Each Valpak mailing area averages 4,000+ Informed Delivery emails per PlusOne mailer.

Valpak can help your local business reach new movers, new homeowners, birthday celebrants, people aging into Medicare and more hyper-targeted audiences with new mailing lists each month. Most formats can be personalized to further increase response rates.

You can mail ANY household in the U.S. Your Valpak team includes research analysts in addition to sales representatives and can create a lookalike audience to match your customer list. You can also request a list built from scratch and mail any direct mail format or mail date of your choosing.

Advertise your small business to local Valpak coupon users on, where millions of consumers search for money-saving deals. Your business listing can include additional digital coupons as well as a map to your business and links to your website and social.

SEM (pay-per-click) is the fastest way to drive traffic to your webpages. Valpak can build you an AdWords or Bing campaign that links to a mobile app download page, online appointment scheduler, promotional landing page, online shop, phone number and more.

Connect with loyal fans and potential customers via targeted social media advertising. We offer Reach & Clicks and Reach & Leads ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We guarantee your campaign reach. This is not possible if you buy from Facebook directly

Make a great first impression with an attractive, responsive website that helps you capture a wider audience. Valpak’s web design services give you the flexibility to update logos and products as needed and our digital ops. team is available anytime to jump in and assist.

Capture all the device screens inside the houses you mail to give your Valpak offer additional reach and frequency. Your Valpak ad can follow your audience around the web once they visit your site, search for your products, search a competitor or even read relevant articles.

Mobile Device Advertising

Americans spend an average of 4.1 hours a day on mobile devices. With Valpak mobile advertising, you can target mobile devices with pinpoint accuracy based on location, interest, and purchase intent. It’s precise and easy to scale to audiences in your community / trade area.


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