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How Are Consumers Using Direct Mail? -- 2023 Valpak Survey Results

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Since 2001, Valpak has published a comprehensive survey on direct mail trends and response rates as well as engagement with our direct mail products (The Blue Envelope and business postcards).

Direct Mail Survey Methodology

During April – May 2023, Valpak surveyed consumers residing in Valpak-mailed ZIP codes, utilizing the PureSpectrum® Sample Management Platform. Quotas were implemented to ensure a mix of ages, gender, ethnicity and geography. 2,007 surveys were completed for a ±2.07% margin of error at the 95% confidence level

Direct Mail Engagement & Coupon Usage

At the industry level, direct mail engagement and influence remains strong. Since 2015, consumer enjoyment in receiving direct mail has jumped 46% and direct mail’s influence on shopping decisions has increased by 23%.

Looking at generation-based age groups from the survey, we see younger consumers with higher incomes are somewhat more likely to use coupons once a month or more frequently. 83% of all respondents across age groups and incomes indicated monthly (or more often) coupon usage.

Top 15 Most Requested Direct Mail Coupons

When asked to rank the types of coupons they’d like to see inside the Valpak Blue Envelope, consumers overwhelmingly requested food and dining direct mail offers:

  1. Groceries or grocery stores

  2. Fast food or quick-serve restaurants

  3. Sit-down restaurants

  4. Big box retailers (e.g., Walmart, Target, etc.)

  5. Clothing or department stores

  6. Entertainment

  7. Pet care products or services

  8. Beauty supplies or services

  9. Medical or health & wellness

  10. Automotive sales or service

  11. Specialty retail (e.g., florists, jewelry, greeting cards, etc.)

  12. Ecommerce (online retailers)

  13. Furniture or home stores

  14. Home services or remodeling

  15. Banking, financial services or real estate

Direct Mail Influences Online Shopping and Internet Search

Every day, the average consumer is exposed to thousands of online ads all competing for their attention. Direct mail presents a unique opportunity to get your message in front of an engaged audience. And combining print and digital advertising can increase conversions by as much as 28%.

  • 44% of survey respondents have purchased from a website as a result of receiving a direct mail ad

  • 50% also agreed that Valpak specifically influences them to search online for businesses or products advertised in the envelope

Valpak Direct Mail Coupon Envelope Engagement

The study confirmed Valpak continues to mail to a highly engaged audience. Among the households that receive Valpak, nine out of 10 (91%) open and look through the envelope and 80% look at every direct mail coupon.

The Valpak audience isn’t just looking at coupons, they’re using them too. Of the households that opened their envelopes, 57% used Valpak coupons once a month or more frequently and 70% set aside 1-4 coupons they intend to share or use in the future.

Final Thoughts

Harnessing decades of direct mail experience, Valpak continues to lead the industry by providing dynamic advertising solutions for local businesses. How do we do it? Our Blue Envelope is sent to over 41 million households in the U.S. each month, targeting homes with discretionary income to spend. By targeting our advertisers’ messages and sending them at the right frequency, we ensure no wasted coverage and maximum marketing ROI.

If you’re struggling with the best way to market your business, or just want to talk advertising, contact us today at (718) 448-0101.


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