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5 Questions To Ask Before Advertising

New business owners and established small businesses alike can benefit from advertising. Whether trying to reach a small number of potential customers or spread your message to a large audience, various lead-generation solutions can fit your unique needs and budget. Creating a strategy for advertising can be daunting, dizzying, and takes a lot to manage, especially if you’re new to it. To get started, ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. What’s your objective? What do you want to get out of advertising? More customers? Better jobs? Brand / location awareness?

  2. What’s your message? What makes your business unique? Which products or services are your most popular? Any upcoming events?

  3. Who’s your core customer? Where do they live? What do they like? How much do they spend on what you sell, and how often?

  4. How will you define success? A high response rate or return on ad spend? New customers or an overall lift in sales? More phone calls?

  5. How much are you willing to spend? The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends 7-8% of gross revenue for small businesses

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