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Valpak's Blue Envelope is a convenient and cost-effective way for businesses to send out local advertising to current and potential consumers in Staten Island and Brooklyn. 

Through demographic and purchase power insights, we target consumers with 33% more income than the U.S. average. Valpak households spend:

  • 17% more on medical doctor visits
  • 22% more on personal care at beauty salons
  • 26% more on accounting professional services
  • 23% more at full-service restaurants
  • 19% more at retail furniture shops
  • 13% more on automotive maintenance and repairs
  • 28% more on entertainment event tickets
  • 33% more on fitness and gym memberships
  • 23% more on home improvement
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Powerful Blue Envelope

There's a lot more than you think in this Blue Envelope! Combining powerful data and great offers, Valpak helps business reach their best customers! 

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Valpak mails monthly --  View our Mailing Schedule to plan your campaigns.

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