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Direct Mail Formats

Valpak's famous Blue Envelope has different direct mail layouts, mass designed to fit anybody. Not all advertisers have the same needs.


Check out the different formats available to you to send to your future customers. 

Advertisers' Choice


Single panel insert (Most popular)


2-Panel Inserts


Large Formats

Eye-Catching Formats. The multi-panel formats are sure to get exposure inside The Blue Envelope. They look and feel different from other inserts. They add to the sorting experience, causing consumers to pause on your coupon. A colorful, thicker insert featuring your brand and your offers will instantly capture attention. Consider using larger formats in between your standard coupon mailings to increase consumer anticipation and engagement.

Great for:

  • Dining: Pizza, Asian, Indian, sub shops, fast casual, sit-down restaurants with take-out, catering, local grocers.

  • Retail: Big box retailers, such as home stores, furniture stores and any shop that needs the image space to display a wide variety of products.

  • Services: Any service that consumers use repeatedly and would have a reason to hold onto a flyer for, i.e. pet sitting or grooming, repair/handyman services, pool services.

  • Automotive: Maintenance services, such as oil changes, tune ups and tire rotation, car washes and detailing.

  • Health & beauty: Any hair, nail or beauty salon or spa that has a menu of services.


Available in 8, 12, and 16 page formats

6-Panel Menus

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