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13:1 Return On Ad Spend: Home Contractor Case Study

HVAC Business Targets Homeowners to Get New Customers Case Study Objective

To measure the effectiveness of Valpak in reaching potential customers to keep heat & air conditioning techs busy and drive sales and return on ad spend (ROAS).

HVAC Marketing Strategy


Mailed 260,000 high-quality households 4 times across 3 HVAC company markets


HVAC business team supplied a list of serviceable areas to match back to Valpak zones and target the ZIP codes most likely to generate response / impact conversion rate.


  • Print: Blue Envelope inserts with QR codes and call tracking

  • Digital marketing: business listings for local SEO


  • Market 1: $50 off any repair; free diagnostic call; $20.21 full HVAC system tuneup

  • Market 2: $500 off 16 SEER or higher new unit replacement; $59 tune-up; $50 off any repair

  • Market 3: $50 off any repair; $49.95 HVAC tuneup; free diagnostic call with any repair

Results of the Case Study

  • $417,595 (30% of total sales) from Valpak leads

  • $8,849 avg. install job ($431 higher than total avg.)

  • $1,378 average sale ($109 higher than total avg.)

  • 13:1 return on ad spend

HVAC Market 1 Spotlight

  • $204,490 in incremental sales ($334,620 total)

  • 132 incremental customers (57% customer lift)

  • $1,549 average sale (30% higher than total avg.)

  • 27:1 return on ad spend

The results of the program confirmed the Valpak audience responded to the marketing efforts, increasing sales and generating a higher average ticket and a positive return on ad spend for the HVAC services provider.

In addition to powerful print solutions, Valpak is the local marketing agency that can boost your online presence with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media, phone call tracking and website design for Staten Island businesses. Contact us today:


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