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Ad Spend


Why do you need ad spend?

Ad spend is designed to increase your customer awareness, drive leads or traffic to your website, or increase sales. Although a strong social presence creates a great environment for your customers, ad spend deployed through the correct campaigns can increase your digital market share and drive new customers to your business.

Different campaigns lead to different types of results. Shopping campaigns, page ads, boosted posts, boosted video content, and more are excellent tools to drive brand awareness and new customers. 

Page ads

Page ads are designed to increase your follower count and drive more people to like your page.

page ad

boosted posts

If you have great content, use boosted posts to increase the number of impressions of that content. Using boosting, you can drive a particular message to your target audience beyond just your followers and fanbase. 

Don't know which is right for you? Speak to our social media team for a free evaluation!

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