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Why Mass Marketing Isn’t Always the Best Strategy

In marketing, reaching more people means better results, right? Not necessarily – especially when that audience isn’t your ideal target or has no interest in your business. By targeting your marketingyou can reach potential customers that are interested in what you’re selling.

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We don’t need to tell you just how important social marketing is for your business, but what you may not realize is what all the associated data can do for you beyond bench-marking how successfully you utilize a particular platform.

Data-driven marketing is successful marketing, and social data can play a big role in how competitive your business is when reaching out to customers. Today’s post will explore this type of data and how you can leverage it to your benefit.


Video Can Take Email Marketing to the Next Level

Why say it when you can show it? With the popularity of sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and apps like Periscope and Vine bringing content to life, more and more people are seeking video as their medium of choice. It can showcase training, product reviews, entertainment, and much more. Video provides an engaging and creative way to speak to audiences, which is why it’s become an integral part of many marketing strategies.

Meanwhile, email continues to be a powerful tool for speaking one-on-one to customers and prospects in a trusted and consistent way. This is why video and email marketing together can be such a powerful duo.

13 Key Performance Indicators that Measure Marketing Success

One of the core necessities in an advertising strategy is being able to measure the success of an effective marketing campaign. To do that, you need key performance indicators (KPIs) to put your campaign results into perspective.

KPIs are the metrics that help ensure that your marketing is moving you toward your goals. If you want to achieve maximum success, you need to consistently measure the right KPIs and make adjustments accordingly.


Clean Up Using These Marketing Tips for Dry Cleaners

Today’s U.S. dry cleaning is a $9 billion industry with more than 36.5 thousand businesses in service. Dry cleaners process about one hundred thousand garments each year, or one to three garments per household. Between 2010 and 2015, many households cut back on dry cleaning expenses. They turned to new ways to care for their garments or bought garments that didn’t need special care. It’s a downward trend that’s expected to continue.


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Upgrade Mobile-Friendly Marketing to Mobile-Centric

It’s been quite some time since “Mobilegeddon,” when Google and other search engines forced businesses to take mobile users into account in a meaningful way. Given the very real consequences to your business, you’re undoubtedly already mobile-friendly as a result.

It may surprise you to discover that mobile-friendly marketing is no longer enough. Now your business needs to be mobile-centric.


How to Adapt Your Car Dealership Marketing to Consumer Buying Trends

For the past several years, automakers have experienced record sales growth fueled by discounts, rebates, and attractive financing terms. Consumers who have held off on buying a new vehicle during the recession—the average vehicle on American roads is 12 years old—may be motivated to help dealers continue the trend of sales growth in 2017.

Exercise Your Fitness Center Marketing

A key to effective marketing for any business is to know your audience. Sure, you know they want to either lose weight or become fit or both, but who are they? Who do you want them to be?

Does your fitness center appeal to Millennials more than Baby Boomers? Is it upscale with all types of services or is it more of a traditional gym with traditional workouts? Understand who your target audience is, i.e. your ideal members, and design your fitness center marketing strategy to appeal to them. Once you understand your target audience, consider using some of the following marketing ideas to help your fitness center or gym.


Landscape and Lawn Care Marketing Tips: Reap What You Sow

Laying down a great marketing effort is very similar to laying down a new sod lawn for a landscaping and lawn care company. Timing and placement can mean the difference between a season filled with vigorous growth or a slow death from disease or pests.

Often, landscaping and lawn care professionals look at marketing as a task that takes time out of their schedule when they could be serving clients. Instead, professional landscaping marketing should be viewed as a vital investment in a growing business.