Here's what your local businesses are saying about Valpak!

Valpak has been such a valuable asset to us! We have been using Valpak for 20 years now and our business has steadily grown. We use strong offers and frequent Valpak advertising to attract hungry, new customers.
— Jimmy Cheng, Empire East (20 Years With Valpak)
I’ve been mailing with Valpak for 15 years and I’ve seen consistent, new client growth. Valpak is a win-win for everyone that’s involved.
— Robert L Howe, Law Office of Robert L Howe (15 Years With Valpak)
Valpak is a simple and inexpensive way to market to a wide variety of households. The sales generated from our menu more than pay for the monthly Valpak expense.
— Bobby and Johnny, Greenhouse Cafe (15 Years With Valpak)
Valpak has outperformed all other marketing methods we’ve tried. It is a great way to place value in our customers’ hands. It gives them an incentive to order our product for a loved one.
— Sergey Guberman, Edible Arrangements (4 Years With Valpak)
The response to our Valpak campaign has been amazing! This, by far, has been the best thing we’ve ever done to market our business. Our sales rep is always bringing new, innovative marketing ideas to the table. Valpak is our all-in-one advertising agency and we have made them the center of our marketing strategy.
— John Festa, Doody Home Centers (12 Years With Valpak)