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Blue Velvet Salon and Spa: Powered By Valpak

Blue Velvet Salon and Spa have been pampering their customers for more than 4 years! Located in the heart of New Dorp Lane, they've created an atmosphere of relaxation and refreshment for their customers by offering soothing facials, anti-aging and restorative skin care, and many other beauty services.

Blue Velvet's goal is to create the best experience for their customers, whether its' in-store, or online. Part of that initiative was to launch a responsive design website. Acknowledging that their customers' internet traffic is mobile (upwards of 70%) and on different size phones or tablets, or laptops, they knew they needed a website that not only creates the best user experience but also communicates their brand, on any device. is a responsive design website developed to work on all the different screens on the market. With regular updates to search engine optimization, to better index on google, and unlimited pages. Most importantly its customized to reflect their unique brand.

Blue Velvet also uses both online and offline advertising. To reach new customers, Blue Velvet uses direct mail advertising, to mail high volumes (tens of thousands!) specifically targeted towards their best customer. With a combination of stunning graphic design, expert offers and incentives, and data, they've been able to grow their business year after year.

Check out Blue Velvet's social media! There you'll find expertly crafted showcases of their services, an assortment of their quality skin care products, and custom design graphics that highlight their work and their customers. With content specifically tailored to their business, daily activity and posting, and engagement with customers, Blue Velvet has built a loyal following of people who know their experience is personal.

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