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Bario's Pizzeria Restaurant & Catering: Powered By Valpak

Bario’s Pizzeria Restaurant & Catering has been serving its delicious selection of pizzas, pastas, and other entrees to Staten Island families since 1989. Located right off Richmond Avenue, just by stepping inside, the authentic aroma gives customers a real taste of what it means to be an Italian in New York.

Bario’s goal is to create an environment where customers can have the best tasting pizza and option of healthy choice entrees. Part of their mission was to universalize all branding and messaging across the market. Prior to consulting and working with Valpak, they faced challenges of brand awareness and customer acquisition.

With a groundbreaking shift in the restaurant industry during the transition to online ordering, customers began transacting differently. It became even more important for restaurant websites to be reflective of a business, as well as showcasing their food. With more customers starting to online order, because of services like Grubhub and Seamless, the competition started to soar.

A major part of that initiative was to launch a responsive website design where customers could not only see the diverse menu but order online as well. became the new launch off point of the new Bario's Pizza. is a responsive website design that was built to work on every device in the market, whether its laptops, tablets, or mobile devices. Working alongside our consultants, Barios was able to bring their perspective and ideas into a full branding and logo redesign.

One of Bario’s greatest strengths is their very diverse menu. Working with the owner allowed us to expand on his preexisting menu using his ideas for catering lunch and dinner specials. The selection varies from pizza pies and wraps to healthier alternatives and ISA-friendly meals.

By using direct mail, Bario’s promotes more in-store traffic and family dinner orders. Specifically targeting their best customers, Bario’s mails high volumes with a combination of stunning digital graphics and offers you can’t refuse.

Bario's social media presence is composed of custom posts and graphics designed specifically for them. We sent in a photographer that captured images of their own food, avoiding the use of stock photography. Custom designed specialty items like T-shirts and pizza boxes provide information that the customer might need in order to contact the business.

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